Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BOM BOM - Ristorantino Italiano

"I'll serve Carpaccio to you tomorrow for lunch" he said with his thick Italian baritone throat.

While I never knew how to pronounce the dish, however ! I agreed to it. What I figured later while relishing it that It's a culinary wonder made with ultra thin & raw meat slices submerged in olive oil & marinated with lemon... Served with shavings of Parmesan cheese. 

I hadn't ever ventured to raw meat ever  but it was scrumcious . I realised that knowng that it's raw meat, I would have perhaps not let it pass thru my one & only blessed gob ... Well, glad to have ventured & not miss savouring the flavour. There are many things that we don't opt to do or try only because we hold our own notions . Some one said it so right say " the biggest risk is not having to take one !!!" U Don't know what u r missing ?

Coming back to the BOM BOM ...The chef cum owner of this little Italy .. Or should I say culinary twinkle in Agonda, once had a restaurant in Italy. He wound up all and now runnning this shack named BOM BOM in Goa .. 

The restaurant is simple but the chef's perfectionism & passion surfaces in every dish you order ... be it sea shell Pasta or or pork or French roast chicken . 

         Chicken in white wine

           Sea Shells for Pasta

And the best was Tiramasu with cocoa sprinkles over ice cream scoops . Haha ..its a battle between your weighing scale over your taste buds :) .. Well He plans to double the size of the restaurant next year and add more options to the menu. Well while I write this my mouth is watering .. Catch u later .. I better finish my meal .. :) 

Bon appetite !!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Home For Next Six Days- Om Sai Huts, Agonda

                    Our Beach hut

              Sunset, Agonda

As soon as I mentioned to friends that this month we are going to Goa again, they said "why don't you buy a place in Goa?" Last month during New Years it used to get quite cold in the evenings but  whether has started to change.

This is gonna be our home, our beach hut for this week. 

           View from beach hut

A basic accommodation but with a view like this from our bed we definitely don't call it basic!!!!

The meaning of luxury is different to different people .. Just the way right now happiness means lazing around by the sea.. Replenishing energies with the provisions of nature is surely luxurious.

It's the serene concoction of the sparking sands,fresh blue skies, diluted with grand splashes coming from sea .. And a dash of the moist oceanic breeze..
 ... I say cheers to the world with most simplistic afternoon yet it could not get any more exotic than this. 

This time we choose to stay in OM SAI BEACH HUTS, Agonda, Goa. The place is right on the beach with a restaurant name Sweet Chilly. We definately  recommend this place to anyone looking for peaceful stay.