Friday, March 15, 2013

The day when I almost cried and cursed GOD!!!!


It was just another day in my life but I never thought that it would turn out to be such an eventful day. I was on my way to home when suddenly I saw that a small black puppy came running on to the road in front of the car just ahead of me. The guy tried his best to save the puppy but he could not steer away and did hit him hard. He then sped away. Perhaps the car hit him in the head and he lied there unconscious in the middle of the road. I stopped my car and rushed to see him. He was still breathing but was unconscious. I picked him up and sat with him by the road side because by now he was crying in pain badly and it looked as if these were his very last moments. It was a very intense feeling as he howled and howled. By this time her mother came running to him and too started crying for him. She  sat near to me as if asking me to help him and save him somehow. I really could not see what was happening in front of me. I questioned myself how can God be so cruel??? I felt helpless, felt like crying.

 In the meantime I called up a friend of mine who devotedly works for animal welfare. I asked her for help she immediately called up an animal welfare NGO named Frendicoes and arranged for an Ambulance pickup. She left everything in the middle and told me that she is on her way to us.  I was informed that he cannot be picked before an hour as the ambulance was involved in some other rescue.  This guy could not have survived for that long with medical aid.  This continued for some 20 minutes and the puppy was still breathing but was unconscious. I picked him up and rushed to a vet praying that he survives.

The doctor immediately gave him few injections so as to dissolve blood clotting in brain if any and put him on drip. In the mean time the ambulance came and took him to the hospital.  After two days I was told that he now Ok and the first Aid did help him and our hero survived.

And now starts the interesting part of the story. On fourth day I was supposed to drop the puppy to the same place from where I picked him up. I was sitting with the same friend of mine who arranged for the ambulance pick up and we were discussing that that we will have to drop him to the same place. That very moment a call comes to her asking if she has any pet for adoption!!! We were excited that this is it. Our hero might get a home. The lady on the other side of the phone said that there 13 year old dog died and everybody in the family is so sad and they want a puppy  as early as possible. We floated the idea to her and she agreed readily even after knowing that it was no pedigree. We rushed to the hospital which was good 40 kms from Gurgaon and picked up our hero and took him to the lady. We had butterflies in our stomach.. What if she said No after looking at him? Our hero would have to go back to the same road side to be hit again by some other car. But as soon as she saw the puppy she fell in love with him and said he ain’t going anywhere else. She thanked and thanked us for giving her family a gift which they said she will never forget. She promised to keep him like a family member.  Our happiness knew no boundaries. Can you believe this??? The puppy who I thought almost died in my lap on the road side now has a permanent home!!!

I learnt a big lesson out of it. If you think that you have hit a dead end  and don’t see your way out it, never feel sad or lose hope. The One who is sitting Up there have planned something for everyone. He puts you thru bad times and tests you. If you keep the faith and keep on working towards your goal, you will definitely land up in a place where you will be proud of yourself. The puppy came into my life to teach me a very important lesson, a lesson that I will always remember thru out my life. HE does everything for a reason. You might curse him for putting you in a bad situation but this is his plan to make you a BETTER MAN!!!


I would really like to thank Friendicoes without whom this puppy could not have been saved. It's amazing to see how organizations like Friendicoes do selfless service.


 If you see an injured animal on street please contact:


Friendicoes- 011 2431 4787, 09582337671(Gurgaon ambulance number)

People for Animal, Gurgaon- 0124 - 2276502 / 2016502 / 9818838628 / 9818586628

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre- 011-25448062, 011-25447751

If you want to do more and donate than you can do so by clicking on the link-


Our Survivor

Now with a face like this who will not fall in love with him!!!